Oral health requires continuous maintenance to help prevent dental disease and to allow treatment outcomes to last longer. Some dental treatment cannot be expected to last a life-time. Our clinicians are pleased to offer a guarantee for their own independent restorative work.

Some factors like the state of the tooth before treatment, the vulnerability to getting mouth infection, tooth decay or gum disease and the forces put on the teeth by chewing, clenching and grinding are different for each patient and affect the longevity of any treatment.

We will guarantee our Independent routine restorative work provided for up to 12 months. Should it fail within this time we will replace it free of charge, however we cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss. The replacement has to be provided by the practice where reasonable. For more complex and laboratory based treatments we guarantee our work for longer but pass increasing responsibility over to you each year, so that in terms of cost of replacement within the first year we offer 100% warranty, in the second year 80% warranty, third year 40% warranty, fourth year 20% warranty. We will not contribute to any such replacement after four year and beyond.

All guarantees are conditional on and subject to the patient attending to see our clinicians at the prescribed intervals in order to prevent dental diseases and following our post treatment instructions and advise. Kindly ask for the details of our post treatment guarantees.

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